Forgetting to bring a bottle is the main reason why people purchase bottled water instead of using the water fountain. A refillable bottle should be as important as the key, wallet and smartphone which everyone should double-check before going out from home. With this insight, the Essential 4 Campaign is initiated to promote the habit of bringing own bottles and reduce the reliance on bottled water.

Project Year



Water For Free


Graphic Design: Apple Mok, Samatha Sim

Character Design: Apple Mok

Motion Graphic: Apple Mok, Krystal Yu, Samatha Sim, Tracy Tang

Storyboard: Samatha Sim

Copywriting: Krystal Yu

Music Production: Apple Mok, Krystal Yu

Signage: Apple Mok, Samatha Sim

Instagram Filter: Tracy Tang

UXUI: Yan Jing Tian

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Viral video & posts on social media platforms
Whatsapp stickers & Instagram filter
Bottle bag workshop
Arousing public awareness & interest of bring own bottles
Arousing public interest & desire of bring own bottles
Arousing public interest, desire & evoking action of bring own bottles
Stage 4
Deoor hangers, Signage & App reminder
Arousing desire & evoking action of bring own bottles

01 – Campaign Design

The Essential 4 Campaign is designed to motivate youngsters to use refillable water bottle by promoting it as an indispensable daily necessity. The campaign is divided into four stages and each stage has different deliverables and goals. 


02 – Character Design

Characters representing the four items—key, wallet, smartphone and refillable bottle, are designed and they are given a title named “Essential 4”. The character style is lovely ugly, which is quite popular among young people in recent years.


03 – Social Media

Each character has a specific name and rhyme Cantonese tagline describing their personality. The brief meanings are: Richard (the wallet) is petty; Sisi (the key) is talkative and will not let you speak; Philip (the smartphone) is long-winded; Harry (the bottle) is air because of his low sense of existence.


04 – Motion Graphic

Two animations are produced. The ratio are different for the Instagram feed and story.

05 – Music Video

06 – Whatsapp Sticker


07 – Instagram Filter

Players have to move their head to collect the Essential 4 items. If players catch the disposable plastic bottle, they will fail the game immediately. 

08 – Workshop

Apart from promoting in social media, we would like to motivate our targets to cultivate the habit of bringing refillable water bottles in their real lives. Thus, the Bottle Bag Upcycling Workshop is proposed. Participants can create their own bottle bag made of old clothes.


09 – Door Hanger

The door hanger is printed with crying Harry and a tagline saying that do not leave the bottle alone at home. This is inspired by the law in Hong Kong that unattended children at home is illegal. 

Asset 4.png
Asset 5.png

10 – Signage

Signage is designed to improve the accessibility of water dispensers and construct an interesting bottle filling environment. They are a distance indicator, two stickers for the buttons of the elevator and the drinking area respectively.


11 – App Reminder

A new function is introduced to the app of Water for Free. It enables users to set alarm and what-to-bring reminders so that before leaving home, the phone rings, a fullscreen notification pops up, and users can be reminded to bring their refillable bottles and other customized items that they inputted.

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