DAY 2019

Design Venture Day (DVD) is a one-day program under the Lahti Design Week, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises that have not yet implemented professional graphic designs in their business. The aim is to assist these enterprises to boost their business through the power of design.

Project Year



Lahti University of Applied Sciences 


Identity Design, Motion Graphic

01 – Logo

“From zero to one” is the slogan I created for DVD. Being akin to the Big Bang, it illustrates the possibilities and ingenuity brought by the program. To present this visually, the logo is designed in the appearance of an expanding swirl that generates countless surprises.

Associating with the logo of Lahti Design Week, the DVD logo also features lines of various thickness. Letters DVD are also embedded in the logo.

02 – Color Palette & Logo Variations

03 – Typography

04 Static & Animated Posters

To be corresponding to the slogan of “from zero to one”, the key visual is a set of circular shapes symbolizing expansion. The idea of growth is vividly represented in the animated poster.

04 – Social Media

05 – Name Tags

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