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“Cultural” symbolizes the cultural competence that young participants can foster; “Run” represents the posture of the event.

Cultural Run is a city hunt competition that aims to minimize the issues of (1) Pakistanis’ unaccepted local identity, (2) misconception, and (3) complement the limitations of existing cultural tours. It encourages Chinese-Pakistani interactions to enhance Chinese secondary school students’ cultural competence and achieve the ultimate goal of ethnic inclusion.


Personal Project

Project Year


Cultural Run

Visual Identity|Graphic Design|Editorial Design

Infographic|Video Production

Infographic Brochure 

An infographic brochure will be given to participants at the end as a wrap up of all the cultural knowledge acquired in Cultural Run.


The headscarf (hijab) is an important accessory for participants because females have to cover their hair when entering the mosque. One design is similar to ordinary headscarves that Pakistanis usually wear. Another design is more colorful.

Pakistani Dim Sum Car

In phase three, pupils promote Pakistani tea culture to the less informed locals with a dim sum car. A fusion design is launched by employing the exotic Pakistani vehicle design style (thumbnail 1) on a traditional Chinese dim sum car (thumbnail 2).