The Boredom Exhibition explores the relationship between boredom and stimulation in modern times. We are unable to process all stimulation around us which leads to stagnating boredom. We fear this boredom and seek stimuli to end it but get we caught in a vicious cycle, leading to the overstimulation.

Project Year



Self-initiated Project


Exhibition Design:

Anoushka Agarwal, Apple Mok

Monica Shin, Seyoung Kim

Yan Jian Tian, Vesga Au

Video Production: Apple Mok


01 – Exhibition Concept

The exhibition encourages individuals to control their search for stimulation through the metaphor of a color wheel. The colorful color wheel represents the different activities we do, and the white color shows boredom. The speed of the color wheel depends on the user and shows the intensity of stimulation he seeks in his life.


02 – Boredom in Different Contexts

The metaphor of color wheel is applied in various contexts such as fast fashion, toy, spice, gambling, violent movies and gadgets so six corresponding exhibits with unique spinning mechanisms are displayed. The audience can interact with them and experience the stimulation.


03 – Unstoppable Fan

The spinning color wheel portrays one’s future of overstimulation which is dull and tragic shown by the grey-toned white color. The fan is ironic as it allows people to stop the cycle but it could not be stopped. The purpose is to warn the audience to control their stimulation before they are being controlled.


04 – The Hidden Message

A post-exhibition message "Boredom is Colourful" is incorporated into the cabinets. It inspires viewers to see boredom from a different perspective — to embrace boredom and find more colors in life, as a way of leading their alternative lifestyle.


05 – Video

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